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Ethical Dilemmas Magazine Articles

This section offers a collection of Nan DeMars' ethical dilemmas magazine articles. Her writings on ethical dilemmas range from internet privacy issues to office romances and other issues that test the boundaries of our professional and personal lives. Nan finds classic examples from today's headlines. Unfortunately, there is never a lack of material.

Some of the newspapers and magazines that continually feature Nan DeMars' office ethics articles include:

Take a few moments to review the topics that Nan DeMars has already written about.

Future Values

A global Spotlight on Ethics at the Workplace

Read the PDF >

Whistleblowing as an Asset

Activate the asset of the Whistleblower proccess

It is only natural that the whistleblowing process is ripe with personal risks for the whistleblower and ethical dilemmas for the company. However, it is possible to turn the trauma involved into a positive outcome for everyone.. Read the PDF >

The columns below were reprinted from OfficePro magazine.

See No Evil

Hear no evil; See no evil; Speak no evil. Not Anymore.

Your ethical accountability and responsibility in the workplace. Read the PDF >

The Dog Ate My Laptop

When your ethics clash with your boss’s.

Today’s employees should protect themselves, their companies, and their bosses from any harm (and in that order). Read the PDF >

Battle Lines Over Online

Social networking addiction

Social networking addiction can be as distracting as any other obsession. Read More >

Cupid In The Cubicle

Workplace Romance

Employees new to the work world (and even seasoned ones) are confused today about the wisdom of
pursuing a workplace romance. Read More >

Loyalty - Where Art Thou?

What bosses can expect (and what they can't) today

Yesterday’s blind and unconditional loyalty of employees has morphed into a new commitment clearly wrapped within the words, “do the right thing”. Read More >

Misplaced Loyalty

Martha Stewart scandal a wakeup call for administrative staff

The dilemma of Martha’s broker’s Executive Assistant was an accountability wakeup call for administrative staff. Employees’ actions and even testimony have the potential to ultimately tumble an empire. Read More >

Mea Culpa

Recovering after a major screw-up

Will everyone who has never made a mistake on the job please stand up? How to get back on track after a self inflicted train wreck. Read More >

Bully Management

Standing tall when you get pushed around

None of us will ever have control over what other people do. What we do have control over, however, is how we react to what other people do. Read More >

Trick Or Treat

Accepting gifts from vendors may compromise your integrity

Your integrity and accountability are on the line here; and, both define you as a professional. Do not compromise your professional commitment to your company for any price. Read More >

E-Mail Privacy

Before you hit 'Send' read this

No e-mail message is private; and your company has every right to look over your shoulder. Protect yourself from e-mail missteps. Read More >

The X-Files

Objectionable material on the internet

Viewing objectionable material on the Internet spells big trouble for employees and their companies. Guidelines to protect yourself from liability and steps to walk through the pitfalls. Read More >

Surreptitious Job Hunting

Seeking a new job while on the job

It isn’t easy seeking a new job and avoiding being walked to the door prematurely. Learn how to improve your future without jeopardizing your present. Read More >

Copyright Or Copy Wrong?

Copyright dilemmas

Almost always, borrowing someone else’s work qualifies as plagiarism. Guidelines for setting boundaries when utilizing the Web. Read More >

Obligatory Tattling

Harassment in the job interview

Are you obligated to take action when harassed during a job interview? Your personal accountability may be challenged. Read More >

Danger Zone

Workplace violence

With workplace violence on the rise, companies must institute policies that stress zero tolerance for rude, offensive and aggressive behavior. How you can help. Read More >

Does Your Salary Buy Blind Loyalty?

Compromising your ethics

What’s your price to do the deed, keep quiet, or look the other way? Does your job require compromising your ethics? Read More >

Office Gossip

Flavor of the week

What you can do when you’re the latest topic on the rumor mill. How to avoid and recover from workplace gossip. Read More >

Party Light

The "new" office party today

Lampshade-on-the-head office parties are yesterday’s news. Today’s gatherings are simply an extension of the workplace. Guidelines for planning and attending. Read More >

Meltdown Of My Office's Ethical Standards

You can make a difference

You can make a difference. Ethics are for everyone, not just upper management and obvious victims. You can take action to remedy ethics meltdowns. Read More >

Building Team Players

Not everyone plays well with others

Big surprise: Not everyone plays well with others. You and your co-workers can learn how to accommodate each other to work effectively as a team. Read More >

Confidentiality Maintenance

Protecting yourself, your boss and your company

Protecting yourself, your boss and your company is not always easy. The maintenance of confidentiality is probably the foremost occupational hazard of the administrative professional of today. Read More >

Tell Me No Secrets & I'll Tell You No Lies

Sharing confidential information

Tell me no secrets – and I’ll tell you no lies. Having to choose between loyalty to a friend and loyalty to a boss is a most unfair proposition. Read More >

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