Ethical Training Services

In today’s work environment, ethics training in the workplace is a must! The consequences of not doing so are just a headline away. Nan DeMars’s ethics training services in the workplace not only fosters the employees’ agreement and compliance with the organization’s ethical vision but nurtures a trustworthy working environment. Most employees have a general sense of right and wrong, but workplace ethics training helps in preventing errors in judgement that may cast a negative light on the company. Many professions and trade associations promote codes of ethics, and adhering to an ethical code is one of the defining features of such professions.

Nan DeMars’s Ethics Training programs and insights can be accessed as a CONFERENCE KEYNOTE SPEAKERin onsite SEMINARS & WORKSHOPS, online TRAINING WEBINARS, and through her latest book, You’ve Got to be Kidding: How to Keep Your Job Without Losing Your Integrity. (John Wiley & Sons)



Workplace Ethics
Webinar Training

By popular demand! Because the COVID Pandemic continues to greatly diminish in-person gatherings and in-office attendance, Nan’s Workplace Ethics WEBINARS are now available for every program.

Conference Keynote Speaker

Nan’s energizing workplace ethics keynote presentations are interspersed with humor and reality-based examples (some ripped from the day’s headlines) and a few thought-provoking real-world ethical dilemmas.

Ethics Employee
Training Workshops

Your employees will learn directly from Nan how to best handle workplace dilemmas like office ethics, anti-harassment and bullying while upholding one’s personal and professional standards.

Ethics Admin
Training Workshops

Enjoy Nan's energizing and introspective wake-up call regarding the reality-based ethical dilemmas admins face and how to best handle them while upholding one’s personal and professional standards.

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