You Remain Who You Are

You survived the Covid Pandemic, but did you? There is good news… You remain who you are!

Since the Pandemic began, and now is thankfully waning, the workplace world has tumbled upside down both structurally and functionally.  We are now sorting it all out with the various new ways of working:  in-office full-time, part-time home office, virtual work only, or some hybrid of all.  Some of you have found yourselves downsized and, hopefully, in new jobs!  Needless to say, your new work life is dramatically different and completely topsy-turvy, matching the Oscar-winning movie title:  Everything Everywhere All At Once!

Ethics Remain Constant

I am happy to report that one thing that appears to have remained the same is:  ETHICS (in general) and YOUR ETHICS (in particular).  In other words, our ethics have remained constant. We have not moved the needle on either, thank heavens.  Since time began, right remains right and wrong remains wrong.  You always know the RIGHT thing to do and the WRONG thing not to do.  However, what you DO is always your own choice. 

What has also remained in place, unfortunately, is that both employees and employers in the workplace continue to struggle with how to deal with ethical dilemmas.  Anyone who has been paying attention knows these dilemmas remain timeless and rear their ugly heads from time to time.

What I hear from my Seminar and Webinar attendees and my faithful readers and correspondents, YOU are remaining steadfast in your own ethical beliefs!  As some of you know, I have always endorsed Mickey Mouse’s wise words:  YOU HAVE TO BE WHO YOU ARE!”

Now – I would like to add these words from Oscar Wilde:


Keep up the good work!

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