Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene

We now have more females in our US Congress than ever before due to all the work that has been done in the past 50 years (by males and females) for equal rights for women. We should be proud of this progress and celebrating our success.

Instead, the country had to witness the outrageous behavior of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene during the recent State of The Nation address. Greene’s antics were embarrassing to all – and especially to those who have worked so hard to be seated in this Assembly as a member of Congress.

Last week, it was noted that President Biden and the new Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, had a positive first meeting (by both accounts) whereby they both agreed to be respectful of each other’s point of view. The President appeared to handle the occasional outbursts and Greene’s shout, “You LIE!”, but the Speaker was visibly disturbed by her mockery of the institution’s decorum.

Greene’s choice of white, fluffy attire apparently was designed (according to her spokesperson) to call attention to the recent Chinese balloon seen over our country. She has the right to wear what she chooses – but, what if every member of Congress wore a costume of their choice to make a statement.

There is a time and a place for all political discourse but it is not in the middle of the President’s annual State of the Nation address. Whether you like him or not, he is simply doing his job.

We have spent the past several years complaining about the inability of members of Congress to work together and the need for all of us to examine the manner in which we may agree to disagree.

I believe the men and women on both sides of the aisle were appalled by the behavior of a few in our Chamber when our hopes of civility rapidly disintegrated. But women, in particular, were embarrassed and angered by the foolish and ill-timed theatrics of Congresswoman Greene.

Grow up, Marjorie!

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