Office Ethics Client Testimonials

Nan DeMars’s office ethics client testimonials are a source of pride for her.  She believes they are extremely important for you to read because it is what her clients say about her training.  Whether your organization is a large multi-national corporation, a medium or small-size privately held company, a local, state or federal organization, or an association that demands unquestioned ethics, Nan DeMars’s office ethics clients provide her best advertising.  Here is a small sampling of what her clients have to say:

Nan DeMars of Minneapolis is probably the world’s best-known speaker on ethics.
Office Ethics Client - FM World Magazine
FM World Magazine
United Kingdom
Our Human Resources Director and I enjoyed your session enormously; and, I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback from the participants in the breakout sessions, too. Thanks for being with us. I’ll certainly hope to see you again.
Office Ethics client - Chase Bank
JP MorganChase
New York City, NY
Nan DeMars started talking about personal and professional ethics long before it became fashionable. Her advice is practical and right on target. No wonder she’s a sought-after speaker, columnist and ethics guru. She’s earned it!
Office Ethics Client - International Association of Administrative Professionals
Intl Assc Admin Professionials
Kansas City, MO
Nan – Over the past few days, our Chief Executive Officer and I have received a flood of emails and phone calls from attendees of your workshops—rave reviews! I cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful day. You are such a pro!
Office Ethics Client - Xcel Energy
Xcel Energy
Minneapolis, MN
Office Ethics Client - Monsanto
Monsanto Administrative Professionals Network St. Louis, MO

Monsanto’s Administrative Professional Network (APN) invited Nan DeMars to present two office ethics seminars to its approximately 300 administrative professionals. We bridged the seminars over the lunch hour with a talk by our own Business Conduct Director. Even he learned something from Nan! She uses case studies and humor to spread awareness about this essential topic. For those that have encountered unethical situations and felt alone, Nan’s seminars show how widespread these types of situations are and give concrete information about what to do if you find yourself involved in one. Nan’s office ethics seminars should be required training for every administrative professional.

Nan with Tata Group Ethics Counselors
North Point, Kandala, India

Your Office Ethics Training Session at last year’s ethics conclave for the Tata Group was the most appreciated. This is because of your style, your poise, your manner, your depth of, and quality of subject expertise and most of all your conviction to the truth and passion in radiating this vibe with whomever you touched.

Allan Burby, General Manager, TATA Quality Management Services
TATA Sons Ltd. Mumbai, India

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