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Office Ethics Client Testimonials

Nan DeMars’ office ethics client testimonials are a source of pride for us. We believe they are extremely important for you to read because it is what our clients say about us! Whether your organization is a large multi-national corporation, a medium-size privately held company, a local, state or federal organization, or an association that demands unquestioned ethics, Nan DeMars’ office ethics clients provide our best advertising. Here is a small sampling of what our clients have to say:

Nan DeMars of Minneapolis is probably the world’s best-known speaker on ethics.

FM World Magazine

United Kingdom

Monsanto’s Administrative Professional Network (APN) invited Nan DeMars to present two office ethics seminars to its approximately 300 administrative professionals. We bridged the seminars over the lunch hour with a talk by our own Business Conduct Director. Even he learned something from Nan! She uses case studies and humor to spread awareness about this essential topic. For those that have encountered unethical situations and felt alone, Nan’s seminars show how widespread these types of situations are and give concrete information about what to do if you find yourself involved in one. Nan’s office ethics seminars should be required training for every administrative professional.

Connie Verberkmoes

Administrative Professionals Network (APN)
St. Louis, MO

Nan – Thank you for a wonderful presentation and for an engaging case study session. I have heard from many participants that they were very pleased to see that we included a session on ethics in the program for the Workshop for Board Professionals and that the lessons were very relevant to their work. You prepared well for our audience and made the Sunday morning sessions especially valuable for college and university board professionals.

Merrill P. Schwartz, Ph.D.

Director of Research
Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges
Washington DC

As Manager of TI’s Ethics, Communication and Education Department, I attended Nan’s class for our 500 administrative professionals. I was prepared to clear my throat loudly, and do more than that, if I heard anything contrary to TI’s philosophy of business. Instead, I was just as riveted as the rest of the audience. There was no bland theorizing or exhortation to do good or feel good. Everyone immediately accepted Nan as one of us and enjoyed (and benefited) from the day.

Glen Coleman

Manager, Ethics, Communication & Education Department
Texas Instruments
Dallas, TX

How could I EVER thank you for your talent? You were without a doubt the best presenter we had and the comments on the participant evaluations and in conversations support me in saying that. Besides your topic, your interpersonal skills make people feel important and appreciated and understood. You are truly gifted and I appreciate you and what you did for our conference so much.

Jennifer Hesch

Los Alamos National Laboratories
Los Alamos, NM

Nan DeMars started talking about personal and professional ethics long before it became fashionable. Her advice is practical and right on target. No wonder she’s a sought-after speaker, columnist and ethics guru. She’s earned it!

Susan Wolski Fenner, Ph.D.

Education & Professional Development Manager
International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP)
Kansas City, MO

Ray (HR Director) and I enjoyed your session enormously; and, I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback from the participants in the breakout sessions, too. Thanks for being with us. I’ll certainly hope to see you again.

Elisabeth (Lisa) M. Wells

VP & Assistant General Counsel
JPMorgan Chase
New York City, NY

I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and was captivated by your willingness to share your knowledge with us. While we all know we are faced with ethical dilemmas in our professional relationships, it was gratifying to have you validate for us the fact that we can handle these situations with grace, skill and a professional attitude.

Linda M. Romano

Administrative Assistant
EOG Resources, Inc.
Canonsburg, PA

Nan – many thanks again for a wonderful presentation at our Disneyland Conference. Your subject was so timely in our profession.

David M. Goodspeed

Meeting Manager
American Academy of Dental Group Practice
Dallas, TX

Nan – Over the past few days, Wayne (CEO) and I have received a flood of emails and phone calls from attendees of your workshops—rave reviews! I can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful day. You are a pro!

Gillie S. Watson

Executive Assistant to Wayne Brunetti, Chairman/President/CEO
Xcel Energy
Minneapolis, MN

I hear a lot of positive responses to your workshop. My colleagues enjoyed it, learned from it, and are actually now thinking about the consequences of their doings.

Ilja Kraag

Assistant to David Lerman, M.D., JD
Kaiser Permanente
Pasadena, CA

I just wanted to offer a brief THANK YOU for your seminar yesterday at Target. I have to admit I didn’t look forward to being away from my desk, but then I also have to admit I am so glad that I did attend! You are a delight to listen to and I truly enjoyed every minute of it. It is no wonder your bio is so impressive.

Bev Nye

VP Administrative Assistant
Minneapolis, MN

People keep stopping me in the hall and sending e-mails commenting on how much they enjoyed your presentation on Office Ethics. Thank you for an enjoyable, informative day.

Charles Gill

Hallmark Cards
Kansas City, MO

Many thanks for presenting your Seminar to our supervisory and administrative staff—all of whom were very enthusiastic about your course. You effectively got the participants involved and your breadth of examples were interesting and relevant.

Adrianne M. Phillips

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Chicago, IL

I have hosted many seminars for Turner Broadcasting and yours was by far the most rewarding of them all.

Samantha Shelton

Turner Broadcasting Corporation
Atlanta, GA

I am still hearing praises and thanks for your excellent ethics seminar. Not only was the information shared invaluable, the entire event was a real morale booster to everyone in attendance.

Debbie Higgs

Baltimore County Police Department
Baltimore, MD

Sincere thanks and gratitude to you, Nan, for sharing your knowledge and expertise on the issue of ethics. Yesterday’s program was highly informative and provided a tremendous measure of food for thought for everyone. We all now have a substantial knowledge on confronting ethical dilemmas.

Ellen M. Napier

Ocean Spray Cranberries
Middleboro, VA

Thanks for the great presentation. You really got the group buzzing. There was a lot of chatter the next day over coffee about how timely your seminar was.

David Borkoski Manager

US District Court
Albuquerque, NM

Nan – Thank you so much for speaking to us at Alza! You were inspirational, refreshing and right on point!

Harvey Guy, CIH, P.E.

Executive Director/Environmental Health & Safety
Johnson & Johnson (Alza Corporation)
Mountain View, CA

Nan – thank you for your most informative presentation on Office Ethics. It was a pleasure to have you as our ‘kick-off’ speaker and we thoroughly enjoyed your program and have had many favorable comments.

Stacey A. DeKalb

Attorney at Law
Lommen Nelson Law Firm
Minneapolis, MN

Nan, ever since your seminar, people have come to me and told me how much they enjoyed your presentation. They all thought you were a wonderful speaker.

Chrissy Beauvais

St. Paul, MN

Thank you for presenting such a serious and timely topic in a manner that was fun for the participants. Comments ranged from – ‘She spoke to my soul and confirmed much of how I feel about work situations. – Wonderful!! – We all need to hear more and more of Nan’s message. – The ethical issues we face these days made this conference a timely one. – Ms. DeMars was excellent in presenting facts and situations that are applicable to office workers and methods to deal with these situations in ways that will enhance one’s career life.’ We hope to have you back.

Lisa Curry

Christopher Newport University
Newport News, VA

I so much enjoyed all the information you shared—as well as the laughs. I am impressed with your background, your presence and, of course, your information.

Janice K. Walsh CPS

RSM McGladrey, Inc.
St. Paul, MN

WOW! Does that stand for Walk on Water? – It should, because that’s just how our members felt about you after spending the weekend with you. Thank you so much for presenting our seminar/workshop. Once again, you gave our members valuable information to take back to their workplaces. As evidence of the evaluations, our members were more than pleased with your seminar... ’Professional’ doesn’t even begin to cover your style, grace, sincerity, warmth and knowledge.

Nancy Upchurch

CPS/CAP, Annual Meeting Chair
Colorado-Wyoming-Montana IAAP Division
Greeley, CO

Thank you for presenting at our Administrative Professionals Week Seminar... Your extensive insight into the topic and your perspective on the role of the administrative professional in such matters were accurate. Your sincere commitment and enthusiasm for the profession as a whole was apparent in your presentation. It is great to know that you spread the gospel of the importance of the administrative professional in such important matters.

Kim A. Hamilton CPS

Capital Chapter IAAP
Washington DC

I did want to thank you so much for coming to be with all of us in Springfield... Members of the Springfield Chapter are still raving about your presentation.

Cynthia A. Lively, CPS

Past International President (IAAP)
Springfield, MA