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We are facing a time of change. Workplace behavior that was once considered acceptable is now making headlines and stuffing courtrooms. Never before have employee accountability and integrity on the job been more critical.

Ethics training is crucial for companies that want to protect their interests and, more importantly, inspire an ethical and thriving workplace. Nothing unites and engages people more than discussions with their peers of common ethical dilemmas. Ethics training is an amazing way to create enthusiasm and true workplace pride.

Nan DeMars, internationally-recognized ethics training expert, keynote speaker, best-selling author, and media ethics consultant, provides unparalleled interactive ethics training experiences.

Her energizing presentations and workshops go far beyond web-based classes and into the heart of ethical development. Since 1983, Nan has helped clients of all sizes create committed, empowered and deeply ethical environments – the best possible bottom line for all.


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Nan – to say that you were missed this year is a roar! Your Ethics Session at last year’s ethics conclave for the Tata Group was the most appreciated. This is because of your style, your poise, your manner, your depth of and quality of subject expertise and most of all your conviction to the truth and passion in radiating this vibe with whomever you touched.

Allan Burby, General Manager, TATA Quality Management Services
TATA Sons Ltd.
Mumbai, India