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Ethics Training Webinars

Nan DeMars, renowned Workplace Ethicist, believes, “Everyone in today’s workplace finds themselves from time to time in the ethical crossfire of business activities. It’s inevitable!”

Nan’s energizing and timely Ethics Webinars address the question: How can you hold onto your job AND your integrity at the same time? This is a wake-up call for employees in all professions and at all levels of responsibility. Nan keeps you engaged by outlining the reality-based ethical dilemmas employees often face (some ripped from the day’s headlines). Her advice (sprinkled lightly with humor) and illustrative slides shed light on how to best handle ethical dilemmas while upholding one’s personal and professional standards. You may even have a few “aha” moments along the way!

"Nan DeMars has presented an outstanding and very thought-provoking webinar series regarding 'Workplace Ethics' to Stenographers World. She is an outstanding speaker, calm, patient, articulate, and quick on her feet. The scenarios she presented of possible workplace dilemmas were eye-opening. Stenographers World members have enjoyed her live webinars as well as (returning) to listen to the replays. Nan DeMars would be an exceptional asset to any organization who has the honor of having her as a speaker."

Selena Stehn, Founder Stenographers World, LLC


Workplace Ethics Webinar Program

Workplace Ethics, A Wake-Up Call - You Can Keep Your Job And Your Integrity!

This Nan DeMars webinar series is a three part program made up of 1.5 hour webinar sessions:


Through reality-based examples, participants will:

Nan describes the minefield of ethical dilemmas employees often face in the workplace today – and provides you with sage advice on how to solve them while, at the same time, keeping your job intact. Just a few of the topics explored are: Accountability – Loyalty – Confidentiality – Security – Workplace Romance – Harassment – Cubicle Gossip – Whistleblowing – Myth Busting – Ethics versus Morals – Difficult Bosses/Co-workers – and many more. In general, you will learn how to stay centered and true to yourself. Remember Mickey Mouse’s mantra – “You HAVE to be YOURSELF!” You CAN keep your job AND your integrity!!!!