Never before has deep-dive workplace anti-harassment, office ethics and integrity training been more crucial. The always popular, enjoyable Ethics Training of Nan DeMars inspires an ethical, thriving and harassment-free environment. Nan’s presentations create enthusiasm and workplace pride while proving: You CAN keep your job AND your integrity (and be harassment free besides)!

A Wake-Up Call on Anti-Harassment, Accountability,
Confidentiality, Security, and all the Behavioral Issues
in the Workplace Today!

Astute management today is embracing the ethical conversation and working diligently to establish and maintain the safe, harassment-free workplace. Both management and employees are acknowledging that the “triple bottom line” (as ethics are sometimes referred to) relates directly to a healthy (and happy) culture with resulting profits and significant competitive advantage.

Nan raises this awareness via her (1) engaging Ethics Keynote Presentations – her (2) unparalleled, interactive Ethics Training in the Workplace (Seminars & Workshops) – and, her (3) enjoyable, in-depth Ethics and Anti-Harassment Training Webinars – all providing employees with continuing education accreditation.

Nan DeMars – Workplace Ethicist Expert

Nan DeMars is an internationally-recognized workplace ethicist expert, thought leader and practitioner in the area of office ethics and anti-harassment. Since 1983, she has been a popular Keynote Speaker, Columnist, Best-selling Author and Media Ethics Consultant and has helped clients of all sizes and industries create committed, empowered and deeply-ethical environments. Read testimonials.

Call Nan to talk further about your Office Ethics Training needs at 952-835-1148.

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Nan – to say that you were missed this year is a roar! Your Office Ethics Training Session at last year’s ethics conclave for the Tata Group was the most appreciated. This is because of your style, your poise, your manner,your depth of and quality of subject expertise and most of all your conviction to the truth and passion in radiating this vibe with whomever you touched.

Allan Burby, General Manager, TATA Quality Management Services TATA Sons Ltd. Mumbai, India

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